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Monday, March 22, 2010

Socialism and Capitalism Compared

The world is evolving, and whether a person believes in biological evolution or not is irrelevant, the fact cannot be denied. In an evolving world, a system of economics is required that is compatible with the changing world. Capitalism is the only suitable style of economics that can possibly suit the world to change to it's own accord. Capitalism works, and it works well to support an ever growing society. The almost complete opposite of capitalism is socialism, which is a system of money controlled by the state and not the individual. In other words, there are two paths for a nation to choose

To properly understand why capitalism is the more logical approach than socialism, several things must be remembered in order to keep it striving:

*Money is instrumental, which people often forget. It's not a necessity in itself, it's what provides us with our necessities.

* Money is only aggravating in a developed society when people lose touch with why they need it and only think about what they want from it.

* Through properly handling and financing one's money, almost anything is affordable in time with the right investments.

The thing that makes socialism different is the fact people don't have to worry so much about these things, because it provides this for people. Like with a dog, a master provides the dog with a house, food, water, and any other necessity that the dog needs and then some if the master deems it so. Socialism is like this in that the people under the government are the dogs and the people running the government are the masters, comparatively speaking of course. The thought that people can't take care of themselves and are helpless not only defies logic, but ignores the truth.

The difference between a dog and a human is that a human is capable of logical decision making, where as a dog bases it's thoughts on commands and evolutionary traits only. The similarity is, that without it's master the dog can still survive on it's own, as can a human. The dog believes that only it's master can provide for it and do no wrong, but this isn't the case. Some masters feed their dog too much and it becomes obese and energetic, others too little and it becomes malnourished. Likewise a government has the same capability over a person. It sounds good on the surface, but it defeats all logic and is counterproductive.

In socialism, everyone get's a share. Not an equal share, but a share. The government decides who get's how much due to their ability, as apposed to capitalism where how much a person makes is determined to how successful they are and their ability. The most important distinction here is that free will is missing from the equation, despite them being similar.(A good thing to note here is, that President Obama, if socialist at heart or not, is installing social programs, which is different than socialism. However, this too is wrong because it takes away from people outside of their free will.)

In socialism, progress is much slower due to the fact that people will have less thought into developing new products, while capitalism is all about developing and evolving to match society. Capitalism itself isn't missing the so called "good will" of socialism, however it isn't without it's own share of goodwill, especially through people who give into good will and charity, but also small scale social programs are not a bad thing and can help people stay safe. It's like a river when someone's boat is missing, and a bridge is used to provide a means of travel until a person crosses a river. Likewise socialism isn't a stopping point to development, however mismanagement of the money can lead to economic collapse and make a country a backwater.

The body is developed for the physical world and humans are meant to compete, it's in our nature. If the world ever does develop to support socialism than so be it, however now is not the time. Let the markets be free and leave room to develop. It's for these reasons that socialism in is wrong, and capitalism is the market system for the future.

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  1. That's a mighty fine strawman you have here.